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randomn [userpic]
[Week 8: Disability] Shortcomings
by randomn (desibel)
at June 6th, 2010 (11:58 pm)
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Title: Shortcomings
Rating: T, at the most
Characters: Yami Bakura, Ryou Bakura
Warnings: Mild swearing, shonen ai if you want to see it as such
Word Count: 421

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Theme Post
by Nuit Songeur (ex_nuitsong)
at May 23rd, 2010 (08:24 pm)

Thank you everyone for bearing with me as I get this out a week late.  Well, here it is!

This week's theme is:


Deadline: Sunday, June 6th: 11:59 p.m.
-Interpret however you wish
-Word count minimum is 301 words
-Voting for this week will begin Tuesday, June 8th.
-Remember to tag entries, use warnings, and use the proper-set format for posting entries.

Have fun!

randomn [userpic]
[Week 7: Hero] Your everyday hero
by randomn (desibel)
at May 18th, 2010 (11:55 pm)
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Title: Your everyday hero
Rating: T
Characters: Yami Marik, Yami Bakura, Ryou Bakura
Warnings: AU!!! Also, swearing.
Word Count: 1028

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*edited to fix a few typos*

Deadline Reminer
by Nuit Songeur (ex_nuitsong)
at May 16th, 2010 (01:52 pm)

Deadline is tonight at midnight!  As is request for extensions!

Crystal Rose of Pollux [userpic]
[Week 7: Hero] The River Will Wait for You
by Crystal Rose of Pollux (rose_of_pollux)
at May 9th, 2010 (02:20 pm)
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Title: The River Will Wait for You
Rating: PG13 (just to be safe)
Characters: Priest Seto (referred to here as "Sethos"), Atem
Warnings: Character death, mentions of a mummy (non-graphic), part of an ancient Egyptian funerary spell
Word Count: ~580
Summary Originally written for a drabble meme, but it expanded into this short piece. XD The new Pharaoh performs the Opening of the Mouth ceremony for his predecessor, even though he knows his spirit will still be trapped within the Millennium Puzzle.

Obligatory thanks to wikipedia for the text of the spell. XD

Crossposted to my journal only (too short and sad for FFN).

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Letting you know...
by Nuit Songeur (ex_nuitsong)
at May 3rd, 2010 (07:06 pm)

A while back, I received some trouble on my other community- tutu_contest  -for annoying and illicit spammers.  Apparently, I'm having trouble once more with this one.  If any of you saw inapproprate material being posted to the communtiy- (once I saw it, I immediately reported it and deleted it)- please forgive me.  I'm sorry that actual spam is spamming your Friend's List.  Anywho- for those of you who did not, I suggest not going to this user's profile or journal.  I've banned the account from the community and I expect it to be suspended soon.


Again, I'm sorry this has happened to this community but I thought I would keep you informed. If anyone suspects any questionable activity- let me know immediately.

On another note, I'd like to annouce your new co-mod for yugioh_contest, heiress_trial who will be ready to start after this week!

Theme Post
by Nuit Songeur (ex_nuitsong)
at May 2nd, 2010 (01:15 pm)

I'm giving this out a day ealier to give everyone extra time (even if it's only a day) to make up for my lack of updating the community.  I'm really sorry guys that I've been failing on my duties but, again, if anyone's interested in being co-mod, let me know!  You wouldn't be able to enter the contests if you decide to be one but, if you're interested- I'll give you more info on your job description.

This week's theme is:


Deadline: Sunday, May 16th: 11:59 p.m.
-Interpret however you wish
-Word count minimum is 301 words
-Voting for this week will begin Tuesday, May 18th.
-Remember to tag entries, use warnings, and use the proper-set format for posting entries.

Have fun!

Comment if you have questions!

"hands" Winner
by Nuit Songeur (ex_nuitsong)
at May 2nd, 2010 (12:58 pm)

I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to put this up.  But after waiting all this time, I'm proud to announce the winner:


rose_of_pollux, for your story, The Last Domino, pt II, winner of week 6 - "hands"

You shall receive your banner shortly. Thank you to everyone who's participated in this community and having the patience with me to put this up. The theme post will be up later today!

In Need of Voters
by Nuit Songeur (ex_nuitsong)
at April 17th, 2010 (02:50 pm)

Hi, everyone!  Just here to remind you that our 'Spring Break' ends tomorrow and the prompt-giving will resume Monday.

Also- in the case of the last voting post- I NEED MORE VOTE(r)S!  Even though the deadline for it says April 11th, I'm extending it further until a winner can be decided so, please, vote!  Thank you!

Miss Rugrat [userpic]
[two week period] Forgiveness
by Miss Rugrat (jour_reveur)
at April 14th, 2010 (03:52 pm)

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Title: Forgiveness
Rating: K+
Pairing: Rishid/Odion x OC
Characters: Rishid Ishtar, Malik Ishtar, Psyche Halliwell (Sailor Twilight Assassin's OC)
Warnings: Spoiler for the end of Battle City?
Word Count: About 1,500
Summary: As was she, Rishid possessed honour, a kind-hearted spirit, and was loyal to the ones he loved. She knew this had aided in her unplanned feelings for him and she was torn between what turn she should take; however, she was certain of one thing. She needed to speak with him... She needed to tell him.
Notes: Oneshot requested by Sailor Twilight Assassin on Fanfiction.net. Written in Jap names. (Rishid/Odion, Malik/Marik, Anzu/Tea, Jonouchi/Joey, Isis/Ishizu, Pandora/Arkana).

Crossposted to FFN. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5895627/1/Forgiveness


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